About the Haptics Symposium

Welcome to the official website of the Haptics Symposium. This conference is a vibrant forum where psychophysicists, engineers and designers of applications and interactions come together to share advances, spark new collaborations and envision a future that benefits from rich physical interactions between computers and human operators, generated through haptic (force and tactile) devices.

History: The Haptics Symposium began as a single track at the ASME Winter Annual Meeting in 1992, organized by Ed Colgate and Dov Adelstein. Until 2008, it was known as the Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environments and Teleoperator Systems. After 8 years of steady growth, it re-associated with the IEEE Virtual Reality conference, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.

Meanwhile, the European haptics community produced the first EuroHaptics conference in 2001. By 2005, the organizers of the two meetings chose to enhance cross-fertilization by meeting jointly in odd-numbered years, as the World Haptics Conference in rotating international sites.

In 2012, the Haptics Symposium separated to operate as an independent IEEE conference, sponsored by the Technical Committee on Haptics (TCH) within the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS).

Haptics Symposium Proceedings and World Haptics Conference Proceedings are published by IEEE, from 2002 onward.

Conference History

Year Affiliated with Sponsorshipsort ascending Location Date Proceedings
2007 WorldHaptics VRSJ Tsukuba, Japan March 22-24, 2007 IEEE Xplore
2013 WorldHaptics IEEE RAS / KROS Daejeon, South Korea April 14-18, 2013 IEEE Xplore
2012 Independent IEEE RAS Vancouver, Canada March 20-22, 2012 IEEE Xplore
2011 WorldHaptics IEEE RAS Istanbul, Turkey June 22-24, 2011 IEEE Xplore
2009 WorldHaptics IEEE RAS Salt Lake City, USA March 17-20, 2009 IEEE Xplore
2014 Independent IEEE RAS Houston, USA February 23-26, 2014
2010 IEEE VR IEEE CS Waltham, USA March 25-26, 2010 IEEE Xplore
2008 IEEE VR IEEE CS Reno, USA March 13-14, 2008 IEEE Xplore
2006 IEEE VR IEEE CS Arlington, USA March 25-26, 2006 IEEE Xplore
2004 IEEE VR IEEE CS Chicago, USA March 27-28, 2004 IEEE Xplore
2003 IEEE VR IEEE CS Los Angeles, USA March 22-23, 2003 IEEE Xplore
2002 IEEE VR IEEE CS Washington, DC March 24-25, 2002 IEEE Xplore
2005 WorldHaptics CNR / University of Pisa /
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Pisa, Italy March 18-20, 2005 IEEE Xplore
2000 ASME WAM ASME Orlando, FL November 2000 DSC Vol 69-2
1999 ASME WAM ASME Nashville, TN November 1999 DSC Vol 67
1998 ASME WAM ASME Anaheim, CA November 1998 DSC Vol 64
1997 ASME WAM ASME Dallas, TX November 1997 DSC Vol 61
1996 ASME WAM ASME Atlanta, GA November 1996 DSC Vol 58
1995 ASME WAM ASME San Francisco, CA November 1995 DSC Vol 57-2
1994 ASME WAM ASME Chicago, IL November 1994 DSC Vol 55-1
1993 ASME WAM ASME New Orleans, LA November 1993 DSC Vol 49
1992 ASME WAM ASME Anaheim, CA November 1992 DSC Vol 42
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